The Baywatch Campaign
Our Objectives
Many disabled people rely on a car to get around. Although there is some accessible public transport it`s still few and far between in many areas. To make full use of their car disabled people rely on being able to park close to their destination.

The Blue Badge scheme and the provision of designated parking for disabled people is supposed to make it easier but all too often disabled people find they can not park because other non-badge holders have parked in the disabled spaces. The Baywatch Campaign has been set up with the objective of ending this abuse.

Baywatch seeks to end parking abuse in a number of ways:

1) We want to change public attitudes though high profile events such as our parking surveys.
2) We want to work with service providers to improve the provision, design and management of accessible parking.

So far, the Baywatch campaign has:

• Worked with a number of service providers, providing advice and support on best practice when it comes to parking for disabled people
• Received money from the Department of Transport to research the best ways to enforce allocated parking for disabled people
• Run surveys by disabled people on the extent of parking bay abuse in supermarket car parks
• Set up a competition and award scheme to highlight the best - and worst - when it comes to parking for disabled people.

As far as Baywatch is concerned, there`s no excuse for parking abuse.

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