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Baywatch is a campaigning body founded by the four organisations listed immediateley below and who are responsible for this website.
There are many thousands of Baywatch supporters but in our initial efforts to tackle abuse of supermarket parking spaces we approached the 'big four' stores: Asda, Safeway, Sainsbury and Tesco. Each of them has given board-level commitment to the campaign's objectives and we have continued to meet with them regularly to monitor and plan further developments in tackling parking abuse.

The campaign would not have been possible, however, without the many thousands of members of our respective organisations who have helped with our regular UK-wide surveys.

The Baywatch message applies to all parking providers and we are currently considering how the campaign's reach can be extended. Keep an eye on the 'News' section for new developments.

Polio Fellowship "Disabled shoppers have had to put up with parking space abuse for far too long and it's about time that something was done about it. It's great to see Baywatch taking up the cause - they've got my support."

British Polio Fellowship member.
Mobilise logo "We are very fully committed to the Baywatch Campaign. Parking issues are a source of complaint from our members nearly every day. Being able to park close to their destination is vital for disabled people. This is one of the most important campaigns we are currently involved in."

Douglas Campbell OBE, Chairman.
Disability Now "As I was checking vehicles for the latest Baywatch survey at my local Sainsbury's in Nine Elms, London, a woman was getting out of her car. I asked her if she had a blue or orange disabled badge, and she said no. When I told her she was in a disabled person's parking bay, she said: 'Not to worry'. We are campaigning to change people's attitudes as well as their parking habits, so that a selfish comment like that becomes history."

DN reader.
Time to get equal "Time to Get Equal is proud to be a part of the Baywatch campaign. For too long disabled people have faced discrimination - and the abuse of the reserved spaces they so desperately need is insulting and thoughtless."

Louis High, Project Manager.

RAC "Driving a car provides the means for many disabled people to access goods and services, and being able to park easily is a vital part of this accessibility. RAC supports the Baywatch campaign to raise awareness of this important issue amongst all motorists."

Sereena Hirst , External Affairs Manager.
Department for Transport  
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