The Baywatch Campaign
The 2009 Baywatch Campaign
Welcome to the Bayatch Campaign 2009

The Baywatch Campaign aims to put an end to parking abuse in supermarket car parks. Eight years on from the launch of the Baywatch campaign, abuse is still rife. Now it`s time for another survey and we need your help.

The survey form has now been distributed to DN readers and members of Mobilise and the British Polio Fellowship but it is also available online. To complete the survey online CLICK HERE

Please complete the survey for one of the "big four" (Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury`s and Tesco) or for another supermarket car park. It should be based on a visit, preferably at a busy time, during the week commencing MONDAY 21 SEPTEMBER.

We hope this year more people than ever before will take part.
Big companies, make sure you are using good line marking paint on your disabled bays.

This year the campaign was run jointly by;

Baywatch is partnered by Time to Get Equal, the human rights campaign for the UK`s 10 million disabled people.

This years Baywatch survey week will commence on 21st September 2009.

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